Iryna Nykonenko

Deputy Director,
Patent Attorney (reg. No.492)
Head of the Department of Industrial Property Protection

« The greatest wealth is the mind and intellectual property – is the creation of the human mind. In my work I communicate every day with people whose creations are unique, impressive and inimitable. Therefore, work in the field of intellectual property for me is, above all, concern for the clients and their creations, the result of which should impress them, exceed all his expectations and be achieved qualitatively, accurately and quickly. »  
(Iryna Nykonenko)

- 2002 - Pyryatyn Lyceum, the chemical and biological class
- 2007 - Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade, a Master's Degree majoring in International Law and Jurisprudence
- 2010 - State Institute of Intellectual Property, Specialist Degree majoring in Intellectual Property
- 2015 - Certificate of the Patent Attorney reg. No. 492

- trademarks, inventions, utility models and industrial designs;
- Ukrainian and International patent information investigations and searches;
- registration of the intellectual property objects at the registry of the State Customs Service of Ukraine;
- pre-trial settlement of disputes (mediation), protection of the intellectual property objects at the courts;
- development and registration of an Assignment Deed, Licensing and Franchising Agreements;
- complex expert-legal conclusions and audit


Ukrainian, Russian, English