Intellectual Property Protection Strategy

STRATEGY - a general, non-detailed plan of a certain activity, including a long period, a way to achieve a complex goal. A strategy may include simple actions for protection as well as have a goal to build an action plan for the next few months or even years.

When our clients contact us, the main objective of Law and Patent Agency “Pavlovych & Company” is to comprehensively analyze the applicant’s problem and provide him with not just an advice on the registration and protection of his intellectual property, but to work out a strategy for protecting his intellectual property portfolio together and the development of the company while entering the market, both Ukrainian and international.
Building a future protection plan should be the next step after working out a company development plan, as with the help of your intellectual property objects a company can increase its assets in two, three and many times more than it originally had. Therefore, the mission of our company is not just the protection of the intellectual property rights of our customers, but also the enrichment and prosperity of their companies in the future.
The strategy is built on well-known procedures for protection and development and is “polished” for each client separately, depending on the goals, interests and desires of the client.


There are many forms and ways of protection, starting with the simplest and, at first glance, not requiring large waste and resources. In particular, the stages of protection may include, but not exclude: registration of all IP objects (from filing a new application to obtaining a protective document (Certificate/Patent), monitoring patents and trademarks, including patent information searches, pre-trial defense, judicial defense, criminal defense, administrative defense. In addition to standard methods, here it may be included not such common ways of protection as mediation, insurance of intellectual property and others.
When determining a strategy, our experts usually evaluate the situation as a whole, namely consider existing intellectual property objects as they are, suggest their protection / development plan or strategy. First of all, we recommend you conducting due diligence of IP objects and to determine the real value of each object - evaluating each object and obtaining a conclusion from the appraiser. After determining the market value, you can return to the stage of promoting the object on the market - commercialization, licensing or franchising, or a combination of the above and other stages.
Thus, the development of your company should depend on proper planning and, of course, the professional selection of a strategy for the protection and development of intellectual property rights that our company’s competent experts offer to you.
The strategy is built for each client individually and actions and measures planned specially for you! That’s why it took more than 25 years of experience of our experts in this field to be able analyze the situation, professionally evaluate all pros and cons of the chosen direction and suggest you the best way to protect, i.e., a strategy for protecting and developing your future capital.