Our mission protect intellectual treasures of creators, promote their enrichment and prosperity through the legal ownership and use of intellectual property

Pavlovych & Company is
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Pavlovych and Company - is an Ukrainian patent agency that offers a full range of legal services for registration and protection of intellectual property in Ukraine and in the International arena.

The main mission of the company is to stand on the interests of our clients, protect the intellectual rights of their creations and developments, to promote profit from the possession of legitimate copyright for them and their use. For 10 years we experienced in the market, advocates and lawyers for the protection of intellectual property, patent attorneys of the agency "Pavlovych and Company" helped to solve successfully more than 200 litigations and make more than 2000 successful legal deals.

By our active participation more than 2500 trademarks in Ukraine and abroad were registered, more than 700 patents in different countries of the world prepared and more than 350 objects of copyright protected.

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Our professionalism at your service

  • do you need any help in protecting a brand and/or a trademark?
  • do you need to register copyright?
  • do you need a patent filing for invention or industrial design?

Our Law and Patent Agency will handle with any tasks in the area of protection of intellectual property objects that cover registration, evaluation, commercialization and protection of exclusive rights of our clients for industrial property objects and copyright.

Our company's services include, among others, the following legal aspects:

  • patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs (registration, patents - information searches and researches, verification of patentability, patents' maintenance, international patenting);
  • trademarks (registration of TM, logo in Ukraine and abroad, information searches, extension of validity, appeal against decisions of UPO, recognition of a trademark as well-known, international registration of a mark);
  • copyright and related right (registration, copyright protection, author's contracts);
  • work with other objects of intellectual property (company’s names, domain names, trade secrets, plant varieties, breeds of animals, geographical indications, qualified designations etc.);
  • development of a strategy for protection of intellectual property (licensing agreements, contracts for the assignment of rights, protection against piracy and counterfeit products, inclusion in the customs register, evaluation, judicial protection, know-how)

Trust of companies around the world

We provide services not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. In our working arsenal:

  • more than 25 years of experience in patent and legal area;
  • specialists in various profiles: lawyers, patent experts, marketers, evaluators who comprehensively solve any issues of patenting and copyright protection;
  • Partners and representatives in more than 193 countries.

More than 150 clients from Ukraine and more than 100 foreign companies entrusted the legal regulation of intellectual property to us. Among them are such well-known brands as the Airline “Wizz Air”, the National confectionery manufacturer “Kyiv BKK”, the Jewelry House Zarina, the Shopping and entertainment center “River Mall”, the Media Company “Burda Ukraine” and many others.

Principles of our work:

  • ensuring confidentiality in working with clients,
  • an individual approach and the solution of an objective,
  • respect to intellectual work and owners of rights,
  • care about the prosperity and development of our clients,
  • ensuring fair trade and conscientious competition,
  • quality, rapidity, reliability, environmental friendliness of approaches.

They trust us

Martial law was imposed in our country on February 24, 2022. Employees of our company from the first days, experiencing all the horrors of the russian aggression, were forced to leave their homes with their families and, without leaving our homeland, to settle in different regions of Ukraine. Feeling safe, we continue, when it is possible, the work of our company and conduct volunteer work in parallel.

On January 21, 2023, our company is celebrating its 12 anniversary. And for this journey together we are very grateful to all our colleagues, clients, partners and friends!

At the beginning of the creation of any enterprise, or even during its rapid development, products and services are introduced to the market, which should not only be unique and attractive to the consumer, but also be distinguished by their original name from the name of the goods or services of competitors.