A young, energetic team of highly qualified law experts, in particular intellectual property rights, constantly striving for development and improvement, are striving to deal with any complexity and, accordingly, can render professional assistance to all our customers and partners, maximizing our professional knowledge, efforts and ourselves. the main thing is inspiration.

Each member of our team adheres to the common values ​​of the company and corporate culture. We are confident that intellectual work makes homo sapiens happy, however, impeccable performance of our work, satisfied smiles on the faces of our customers, their gratitude and especially excellent growth rates of our customers with access to other markets, makes us happy and gives us confidence that we are on the right track. Meet our team of professionals.

Key employeers

Owner and director, 
Patent Attroney (reg. No. 195), Advocate
«Intellectual diamonds, which our customers bring to us, often require a full processing cycle from grinding to polishing, as intellectual treasures are supernatural phenomena that require identification, processing and careful protection. At the same time, intellectual diamonds can make their owners rich and happy, on which we are working constantly from day to day and that is a great goal of creating our company!»

Deputy Director,
Patent Attorney (reg. No.492)
Head of the Department of Industrial Property Protection

«The greatest wealth is the mind and intellectual property – is the creation of the human mind. In my work I communicate every day with people whose creations are unique, impressive and inimitable. Therefore, work in the field of intellectual property for me is, above all, concern for the clients and their creations, the result of which should impress them, exceed all his expectations and be achieved qualitatively, accurately and quickly.»


Intellectual property specialist
Head of the Department for trademarks,
copyright and related rights protection

 «Intellectual activity is the most important, the most necessary things in human life for his self-realization.
It encourages us to move forward, reach the unknown and open the future to people!
My duty is to help you protecting the results of your intellectual activity»