Expert opinion

At the beginning of the creation of any enterprise, or even during its rapid development, products and services are introduced to the market, which should not only be unique and attractive to the consumer, but also be distinguished by their original name from the name of the goods or services of competitors. 

Have you decided to organize your own business or have you already your own business? Did you hear about the necessity to protect your company logo or name? Do you understand superficially what you are talking about, but never thought how to register a trademark (TM) and how will it help to create a successful brand?

Unfortunately, an industrial design is not a very popular object in Ukraine. However, it should not be underestimated. It is not a secret that the appearance of the products has an essential role, because consumers often buy not the product, but the packaging itself that is the appearance of these products. 

Nowadays, at the time of rapid development of competition, the issue of primacy takes a significant role in the lives of inventors. Therefore, the question of priority for them is not the last value. What is the priority?