Registration of a trademark «BIOSKIN»

Subject matter:

  • registration of a trademark «BIOSKIN» for medical goods and medical devices, as well as their implementation

 Problems with registration:

  • receiving a decision of refusing the registration of a trademark;
  • the trademark was considered as descriptive, deceptive, that has no distinctive ability and that it is similar to a previously registered trademark in Ukraine.

 Problem solving:

  • appeal to the Board of Appeal of the State Service of Intellectual Property with an objection against the refusal in registration;
  • to carry out a painstaking work on the preparation of additional arguments in favor of the registration of the trademark;
  • longtime process of consideration of the case in the Board of Appeal and numerous meetings;
  • receiving a decision of registration of a trademark.


  • obtaining of a Certificate of Ukraine No. 213625 for the trademark «BIOSKIN»;
  • were opened many stores of erotic products;
    registration of this trademark in the European Union;
    expansion of sales markets of the client's products and strengthening his reputation.