Registration of the trademark "Dan Mark" in Ukraine

Subject matter:

  • registration of the trademark (word and design) for leather goods, clothing, their sale, etc.

Problems with registration:

  • the general representation of the sign is imitation of the state symbol, i.e. the name of the state.

Problem solving:

  • filing a request with the Danish Embassy in Ukraine with a petition to authorize the registration of the trademark;
  • longtime negotiations with the ambassador and meetings with the representatives of the embassy;
  • obtaining of a consent for registration of a trademark in Ukraine;
  • preparing and filing the reasonable request with a public institution;
  • receiving a positive decision on registration of a trademark.


  • obtaining the Certificate of Ukraine No. 108297;
  • opened more than 5 stores under the trademark "DAN MARK" in Ukraine;
  • thousands of satisfied buyers who buy goods under the brand "DAN MARK" that symbolizes an explosion of emotions, the expectation of something bright.