Registration of the Bottle «Yeni Rakі»

Subject matter:

  • registration of a three-dimensional trademark for such goods as raki (Turkish alcoholic beverage);
  • registration of an industrial design «Bottle «Yeni Rakі»;
  • protection of the clients’ rights in the customs authorities of Ukraine.

Problems with registration:

  • detention of the client's products at the Ukrainian border and not passing them to the territory of Ukraine;
  • presence at the custom’s database information about the same products (counterfeit), which crossed the border of Ukraine, but by other persons.

Problem solving:

  • conducting a lot of competitive benchmarking of our client's products and products that were contained at the customs register;
  • conducting a a lot of specialized examinations;
  • a longtime correspondence with the customs authorities of the Transcarpathian Region;
  • searching for evidence of unfair introduction into the customs register of the trademark that was marked by counterfeit goods, imported into Ukraine;
  • filing an application for registration of a three-dimensional trademark «Yeni Raki» in Ukraine;
  • filing an application for registration of the industrial design "Bottle "Yeni Raki" in Ukraine.


  • it was proved that our client, Turkish company "Mey Alkollu Ickiler Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS”, was the one legal importer of the products under the trademark "Yeni Raki";
  • seizure and destruction of the counterfeit products;
  • obtaining of a Certificate of Ukraine No. 96082 for the trademark “Yeni Raki”;
  • obtaining of a Patent No. 16298 for an industrial design "Bottle"Yeni Raki";
  • starting from 2008 (the year of issuance of the protective documents), our client has increased the volume of imported products to the territory of Ukraine more than 40%;
  • opening of the company's office in Ukraine in 2011.