The importance of TM registration as a key to a successful Brand

Have you decided to organize your own business or have you already your own business? Did you hear about the necessity to protect your company logo or name? Do you understand superficially what you are talking about, but never thought how to register a trademark (TM) and how will it help to create a successful brand? In this article, we will try to explain you for what and how to protect your own trademark (TM) from unscrupulous competitors.

Therefore, trademark  (a sign for goods and services) is a sign for which goods and \ or services of some people are different from goods and / or services of others, they can be words, numbers, figurative elements, color combinations.

At the initial stage of the development of any business, enterprises bring their products or services to the market, which need to have the uniqueness and distinctive ability of competitors' goods or services. As a result, an entrepreneur will have a guarantee of profit.

The examples of logos filed for registration:

However, before filing your logo (name) to the registration, you need to check the trademark name, it is possible thanks to a search that will give you an opportunity to see if there are registered signs that are similar to your marking and which might prevent its registration.

Now let's consider how to register a trademark in Ukraine. The state registration is based on the rules of the current legislation of Ukraine and ends with the issuance of the certificate.

However, before filing an application for TM registration, it is necessary to take a number of appropriate actions in order to have a guarantee of safe registration. In this case, the qualified specialists in the field of intellectual property will help you.

However, it should be noted that the registration process of the trademark, which is conducted in the Ukrainian Patent Office, protects and gives the individuality to your TM only in the territory of Ukraine. In case you want to protect your mark in the territory of other states (registration of TM abroad), you need to go through the procedure of international registration of the trademark, at the end of which the applicant receives a decision on the effect of TM in the countries of his choice.


As a result, of the successful official registration of a trademark for goods and / or services (TM), each businessperson seeks to make it more valuable and focuses its efforts on creating a successful brand. However, most of us do not even think about the true meaning of the word. What is the difference between a brand and a trademark?

Brand (trademark, trade mark, marking) is a term used in marketing. A brand may be a symbol of a company, product or service that is easily recognizable and legally protected as a registered trademark.

However, it is necessary to admit that the legal registration is not enough for creation the brand. In our time the consumer has become more discerning and he has already just a quality product / service, he wants to get emotional benefits (elements of a strong brand): bright impressions, emotions and pleasant sensations. As a result of the active promotion of the brand between him and the consumer there is some trust relationship, affection and mutual sympathy. A consumer can become a fan of his favorite brand, so he will clearly know who owns this or that product / service if it has its own logo, name and other brand attributes.

So, in order to form a successful brand, you need firstly to put your ideas into practice and want to create a favorite consumer brand that is of high value and benefits to its customers.

From our side, we will make an initial analysis of your logo / sign, which is a very important step, predicting its security and interest of potential customers, analysis of competitors, etc. We will investigate the sign on compliance with the law, whether it meets the main objectives of your activity, namely: what is planned to be released under this notation, in what direction of activity and to what target audience the brand is aimed at, etc.


However, the main thing in creating a brand is your activity and desire to act.

Therefore, everything is in your hands!